5 reasons why you should consider working out from home

detsember 17, 2020

When you think of working out, there will always be the question – what should you do and where should you do it? Should you join a gym or can you work out at home?

No one really needs a gym to start working out – it can easily be done from home. You can get a great workout with your own body weight or with minimum equipment. While a gym membership may be a big (and costly) incentive to working  out, you need to adjust to the options the gym offers and when they are being offered. When choosing a gym, there are a lot of variables. How much time does it take to get to the gym? Does the gym have good classes? Are the amenities any good? Can I afford it? Getting all of that information is work in itself.

If instead of worrying about all of those aspects you could just have great trainers in the comfort of your own home, exactly when you are ready and able to work out, why not give it a go and work out from home then? There are many great advantages to working out from home, in this post we will share just a few with you to get you going:

When going to the gym, the gym closest to your work or home may not always be the greatest one. If you have to decide whether you will spend an extra hour a day in your car to work out or choose a gym closer to you with classes that you are not interested in, which of those options will you go for? Probably you would not want either of them.
When you work out from home, you can skip the extra drive to the gym – that means time saved on each workout for other, more important things. If you live in the countryside, the closest gym may be so far that driving there would not be an option whatsoever. Instead of seeing that as an issue, you can just decide that your home is your gym and make the most of it.

When going to a gym, their group classes are always scheduled and what may interest you may not be available at a suitable time for you. If your favorite trainer only gives classes while you’re at work or their classes are fully booked, then a gym membership will probably not have the greatest use and you may just start skipping working out altogether.

Working out from home can offer a lot of variety. When you subscribe to FitQ, you have different trainers and classes available to you in the comfort of your own home. No more worrying if you can get a spot to the class – you will always have a spot.

Sometimes our plans or how we feel changes. If you book a class in a gym, you may be held to that booking, so you may still be charged for it even if you decide you don’t want to attend.
If in the morning you are thinking that it is a great day for Zumba, but in the evening after work that doesn’t really look that appealing anymore and all you want to do is get a good stretch, then at home you can change your mind without any cost or consequence.
When working out, it is very important to listen to your body and give it the kind of movement that it needs.

A lot of us like our own private space. In public gyms and group classes, there may be someone standing just a little too close, grunting a bit too loud or maybe the background music is not to your liking. When working out from the privacy of your own home, you  do not have to worry about any of that.
Your own music on the background (or none if you prefer it that way), your own choice of clothing (don’t worry about that small stain on your gym shirt) and your own personal bathroom to have a shower in later. Not having to carry all of your towels, shampoos etc to a gym is a great perk for a lot of us.

If you are already working from home – which a lot of people are right now – then you have figured out that it can be quite comfortable. So is working out from home. When you have an hour for a lunch break after a long meeting and your head is fried, then take a break. When you need to get a fresh start for the other half of your workday, then why not work out? You could use half of your break to work out, the other half for a shower and a quick meal. Getting to move in the middle of the day will reset your day and give you the needed energy to go on.

We are not saying that going to the gym is not a good option. We are saying that most likely you have never thought of everything you could do from home. You could also probably think of a few more personal ideas on why you should work out at home. FitQ will give you access to different trainers and workouts to give you a wide variety of options in your own home.

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