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You only need 20 minutes a day to stay fit

You don't need to spend hours to get a fit body, good health, and a better feeling! FitQ makes it especially easy for you to build your shape! Your choice where, how, and when you train.

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For trainers

Giving freedom to personal trainers

Create your own profile, create challenges, conduct live video workouts and sell tickets to your own private training sessions. All this conveniently in one place.

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You are stronger than your excuses

The FitQ platform is designed for both - for personal trainers and for people who want to workout from home

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A wide selection

By gathering the best trainers on our platform, we are able to offer the largest selection of different training styles and challenges to our customers.

Simple & convenient

The entire training platform is built with the aim to make staying healthy and fit as easy and convenient as possible for our customers.

Vision & Mission

FitQ's vision is to be a complete and comprehensive tool for the trainer. Our mission is to make exercise a natural part of people's everyday lives.

FitQ is exactly for me. I live in the country, I work remotely. I used to go to a gym 50 km away. The coaches and training are super good. Exactly my training style: the physical training is always followed by stretching. An ideal environment. I continue on a daily basis.

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